Skincare & Such – Oil Cleansing Method


Have you ever tried the Oil Cleansing Method on your face?

I’ve been reading a lot of success stories online so decided to give it a whirl. Some background (and time to get real for a moment): My skin has never been amazing — and I honestly don’t know if it ever really will be. From the time puberty hit and even now at age 26, I don’t think I’ve made it through a long stretch of time without some kind of troublesome area making itself known on my face.

To be clear (haha, puns), I don’t have terrible acne but the breakouts are still frequent and haven’t shown signs of letting up as I get older, which can be pretty frustrating at times.

So! I’ve decided to test the OCM, as it’s apparently known to do wonders on clearing skin….and it kind of goes against anything I’ve been doing in the past, so I’m extra curious.


While I haven’t gotten dedicated enough to make or test my own oil concoctions, I wanted to keep things on the natural side – so I’m trying Burt’s Bees’ 100% natural cleansing oil (started this week.). I don’t have any personal results to report on yet but figured I’d share, in case this turns out being the skincare miracle I never saw coming.

I’ll admit that overall, this kind of feels like a risk since my skin misbehaves quite easily – but I’ve started shifting/taking some new steps that l feel will benefit my health and wellness moving forward. Some are big and some are small, but they are steps all the same.

I’ll report back if this is truly a miracle process! ;) Until then, if you’re in your mid-twenties and your skin sometimes acts like your stuck at age 13, I feel ya.

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Little Life Catch Up..

springIt’s been quite some time since I’ve published anything here, so I figured  I’d change that and share a bit of a spring update.

First of all, this Winter has been very kind (with the exception of one huge snow blizzard on my birthday, which isolated me from the entire world that day, ha!)…and maybe a couple of semi-freezing days. All-in-all though, things were mild and much appreciated after all of the crazy polar vortexes of misery last year. Still not over the amount of layers I wore on a regular basis last Winter; don’t think I ever will be, either. Lol…

So I guess you can say spring has gently (and generously) made its way into NYC much earlier this year — and I don’t think there’s a single soul that minds. Fingers crossed we didn’t just jinx that. Eeeek. But hey!, there have even been tulips popping up around the city already – ^ I captured that photo of tulips up there last week ^ – so that’s definitely a beautifully hopeful sign.

OK! Anyway, I’ve missed taking photos and documenting – but things have been a little cray cray lately so what can ya do? As a make good for myself, here are some favorite moments and tidbits from the past few months until now, that I’d like to keep for my records.

Taking it waaaaay back to October:

1. Day trip to Bear Mountain on October 17, 2015.12142145_907307466014352_134526948_n

2. Peek-a-boo of the skyline while riding the ferry sometime in mid-October.12081041_1513126995666632_1016193282_n

3. Epic Halloween costumes: Bonnie & Clyde, partners in crime. October 30, 2015.12106050_790157901095402_1309066464_n

4. Jamaica, mon! Our 5-year anniversary vacation snippets, Nov 1-6, 2015.12120302_714605622006944_137622880_n10952554_509435769224195_2063824343_n11887079_732395480197974_1611769934_n11057730_10153772992872904_4137447178467713669_n11925854_1485336681771941_960697431_n11909131_128305424196385_557042233_n11809959_1718693605016104_1074877947_n

5. Little commuting doodles, mid November 2015.11939471_461388157381239_1658748249_n

6. Feeling thankful at the start of Thanksgiving weekend, November 25, 2015.11410741_499767756892559_1871520743_n

7. Annual holiday potluck with friends on December 6, 2015.12299013_1490060721298696_1171407628_n.jpg

8. Baking Day family tradition! December 12, 2015.12292662_1046610795371069_1964690856_n.jpg

9. Christmas! JB was home for the first time since Christmas 2013, so it was a special one.12394195_1673811789568219_2020400827_n.jpg

10. Holiday season date tradition with my brother and our significant others1170057_1100319379987407_1573147238_n.jpg

11. My big chop!! One week before my birthday, January 16, 2016.12568086_811973988914078_861539979_n.jpg

12. Post-blizzard birthday date to Pinot’s Palette, January 29, 2016.12558348_1739958889565225_703660356_n.jpg

13. Valentine’s Day weekend 2016.12716599_514374332074807_1045880359_n.jpg

14. Daylight’s Savings – the first day it wasn’t pitch black leaving work!12724806_1549548912009031_1047220812_n.jpg

15. On International Women’s Day, I realized I accidentally dressed like Rosie the Riveter.10844301_917746018345401_311972752_n.jpg

16. Spring has sprung, and life is beautiful.12677196_494025484113910_415973315_n.jpg

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Encouragement Series # 12


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my “Encouragement Series” here. Wanted to start that up again since I think it is a nice portion of this space.

…A way to keep oneself reminded and inspired by life’s little notions of encouraging motivation through none other than words.

See all entries here.

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Lake George / Prospect Mountain Vacation Diary: Day 3


On our third day in Lake George, we woke up at the Sagamore, had our last meal on the resort (a delicious breakfast) and checked out to make the most of our time before driving back home.

We went into Lake George Village for a bit, but since it was right before the busy point of summer and kids are still in school at this point it was pretty quiet. We walked around and then decided to make our way up Prospect Mountain for what was said to be amazing views of the Lake. They were definitely amazing:


^ We had to drive to this point, and then walk the rest of the way to the tippy top. It was definitely a cool way to say ‘goodbye’ to Lake George.

More pics!:

P1030492 P1030494 P1030495 P1030499P1030502 P1030507 P1030509 P1030510 P1030511 P1030514 P1030516P1030521 P1030526 P1030527

Thanks for an awesome mini-getaway, Lake George!


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