Hello, it’s Me.


Is it too late now to say “sorry”?……. (J.Biebs reference if you didn’t get that;)

Oh my. Does this place sound like crickets or what? My poor, neglected little bloggy, to whom I haven’t paid any attention since October. :(

Thought I’d check in now that it’s 2016 and all… even if just to leave a silly car selfie from a random day trip back in the fall. (Stupid car selfies are my specialty.)

I haven’t been in much of a blog/life-sharing mood I guess — hence the two month absence. But maybe one day soon I’ll feel inspired to write some catch up posts and share lovely little tidbits of life lately.

Sorry, blog! I still love you!

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Encouragement Series # 12


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my “Encouragement Series” here. Wanted to start that up again since I think it is a nice portion of this space.

…A way to keep oneself reminded and inspired by life’s little notions of encouraging motivation through none other than words.

See all entries here.

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Lake George / Prospect Mountain Vacation Diary: Day 3


On our third day in Lake George, we woke up at the Sagamore, had our last meal on the resort (a delicious breakfast) and checked out to make the most of our time before driving back home.

We went into Lake George Village for a bit, but since it was right before the busy point of summer and families still had children in school at this point it was pretty quiet. We walked around and then decided to make our way up Prospect Mountain for what was said to be amazing views of the Lake. They were definitely amazing:


^ We had to drive to this point, and then walk the rest of the way to the tippy top. It was definitely a cool way to say ‘goodbye’ to Lake George.

More pics!:

P1030492 P1030494 P1030495 P1030499P1030502 P1030507 P1030509 P1030510 P1030511 P1030514 P1030516P1030521 P1030526 P1030527

Thanks for an awesome mini-getaway, Lake George!


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Lake George / Sagamore Resort Vacation Diary: Day 2


As promised, we started Day 2 with a step onto the large balcony overlooking the back of the Sagamore Resort. This time, the sky was the bluest of blues and the sun was shining bright — we knew that had to be a good omen for what the day had in store for us.

And we were right! I was armed with my camera and snapped a bunch of pictures, including self-timer shots on our beloved balcony to start things off.


^ I feel like that’s the kind of picture we can recreate when we’re old and grey and come back to visit the Sagamore :) – maybe I think too much though. HaP1030171

Anyway, we had a packed agenda for Day 2 and it started with making our way into the surrounding area outside the resort to see what the little town was up to.

P1030177P1030178IMG_5902^Caught in the act of photography ;).


The Sagamore is actually its own entire island on Lake George. We had to walk over a bridge (the same one we entered via the car when we checked in) to make our way into the surrounding neighborhood.

P1030193P1030197P1030201P1030284P1030202Can you tell I love me some flower shots? Much more coming ‘atcha in this one.P1030220

The town itself was cute and what you’d expect from a little lakeside ‘village’. There were lots of trinkets and antique shops, as well as characteristic elements to some store fronts.

P1030260 P1030257 P1030262P1030228

Then we happened upon this beauty of a place:


One of the things we wanted to do was actually spend some time on the lake. You know, since we came to Lake George and all. What we wound up doing was renting a boat. Being that JB is on boats for a living, I knew all I had to do was sit back, relax and have him take over as captain for the hour. Who’s got it better than me?


His job was steering our way through the lake, my job was to be annoying.

Just kidding, I was  just trying to document everything, gosh. :)

…Full steam ahead, and indeed, lots of pictures were taken.

P1030378P1030398P1030393^The resort view from the lake!

P1030402P1030390 P1030389^Self-timer yet again. It’s a weird angle but I actually kind of like it.

Below was my “when your boyfriend is captain” shot. It felt necessary to selfie on my phone:

captainImage-1 (9)

After our time on the lake, we headed back to the resort for food and relaxation – yet another glorious combo of life.

P103031911143348_10153466465117904_259929801609347119_nP1030313 P1030315 P1030316 P1030351P1030357 P1030341 ^JB doesn’t look too thrilled in this pic, but I can promise you we were loving life. HahaP1030338 ^There were so many little birds around the resort that would fly over when you weren’t looking to sneak away some crumbs left on the table. Normally, that would sound gross and annoying but I actually liked those little guys. Maybe its further proof that this place is magical. Haha.

P1030369P1030309P1030371 P1030374^We took quite a lot of elevator selfies during our trip. But for the sake of limiting obnoxiousness where possible, I’ll only include one. This was when we were heading back up to our room to change into our bathing suits and soak up some pool time before getting ready for dinner.

P1030417 P1030423 P1030425 P1030433 IMG_5969 (1)P1030329 P1030331

^Tropical drinks for the win.

After our adventure-filled day, we showered and dressed up a bit for our last full night at the resort. More shots were taken on the balcony of dreams, of course — and beyond.

P1030437 P1030451 P1030456P1030444IMG_5999 IMG_6033 IMG_6034

Dinner was absolutely delicious and with yet another sunset view, we felt the need to take a bajillion pictures together to document the memories.

We opted for surf ‘n turf, and it was the greatest idea ever. So freakin’ good!

IMG_6003 IMG_6005

Day 3 was spent outside of the Sagamore after checking out of our room and seeing what else was in the area before heading back on the road home.

There are much less pictures of that, but still a bunch I will document for myself in a separate post. <3


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