Finding Clarity on a Summer Night in the City.


There are plenty of times in my life where uncertainty is no stranger; I think most can agree that uncertainty is a pretty common feeling we experience in some way or other. In fact, it’s pretty much a constant aspect of life for us as human beings – with brains that produce thoughts, emotion and feelings.  No one is really “in charge” of fate or knows exactly what every element of the future will ultimately hold. Except God but he’s different, obviously. :)

But once in a while, shining moments of clarity burst through and make me feel very, very certain – and help me understand what life is all about.

These moments of clarity can come from very simple experiences or can be lessons learned over the course of much time. (Although, maybe we don’t realize it, but they are probably almost always a combination of both of those things if that makes any sense.)

Last night, I was riding the ferry home as per usual. Except it was approximately two hours later than I would normally be riding it home because I had met one of my best friends for dinner in the city after work.

Something about that ride home during an extremely pleasant summer night, combined with a full heart from catching up with someone I love and missed dearly made me look at the city skyline and fill up with such a deep sense of appreciation for the here and now.

And that’s what I’d like to think is the best part about “growing up.” Sweet, positive moments of clarity that make you realize what a beautiful thing life can be.

Maybe I’m just a dreamer…but I swear it felt like this crazy, beautiful city was winking at me the whole way home. <3


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(Silly) GOALS.









..& thus concludes my random goals mood today.

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Minimalist Jewelry


I don’t know about you, but as I get older I find myself desiring less and less fuss when it comes to the kind of jewelry I wear daily.

On a typical work day, you can find me wearing my singular gold ‘mantraband’ bangle on my right wrist and usually just a watch on my left. Over the past two years, I’ve really begun toning down the amount of chunky bracelets and rings and necklaces and started focusing on a more minimal set for daily wear.

Aside from the fact that dainty jewels have become more of a trend over these past couple of years, I find myself generally more comfortable with a lighter  touch of accessories. Of course this varies per type of day, event and season — but on an average work day, minimalist jewelry is my preference.

Chloe + Isabel just launched a preview of their fall collection and it features some lovely minimalist jewels. I’ve been a bit inactive in promoting my boutique, but thought I’d share since I really love this set.

I’m particularly drawn to:

As always, feel free to reach out to me about any C+I questions, inquiries or details. xo

images via Chloe + Isabel.
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Little Bits of Summer So Far…


^Hammock chill sessions


^Tasty treats around the office appear on a steady basis… just waiting for you to get chubby  or something. ;)


^I unofficially have an official ferry hobby quote writing series called #ferryscribbles. You can look it up on Instagram if you want…it’s not really that impressive (yet;).


^Peachy deliciousness because does that not scream ‘summer’?


^Bike rides foreva. <311350999_1460764664234147_339883208_n

^A snap from our trip to Lake George. This one was on top of Prospect Mountain.


^My brother proposed to his now fiance, Ali a couple weeks ago!! So exciting :)

lake george

^Another beauty from our time at the most lovely Sagamore Resort in Lake George. More on that trip to (hopefully) come.

Hope your summer is sweet!

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