Mid-Week Inspo



Hello! Been a little quiet around these parts lately. I have some stuff I want to post here but haven’t found the time to do so yet. In the meantime, thought this quote was cool and inspiring and a nice little reminder. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Still Life: Up Close & Personal w/ Nature.


Just a couple of photos I took with my Lumix yesterday while strolling through Lemon Creek Park. I felt very “up close and personal” with nature out there and it’s generally a very peaceful place to be. <3

I tried capturing the essence of those peaceful details with my camera.

Peep me holding up a peace sign in my left lens of the Ray Bans in the last shot – I couldn’t resist. ;)

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Mini Getaway – Lake George!



I’ve reached that point. It’s time for a getaway, no matter how big or small it may be. Aaaaand I’m finally getting it!

JB and I are planning a mid-week 3-day mini vacation to Lake George in a couple of weeks woohoo!

This was completely spur of the moment planning while texting today as I was walking to Laduree from the office (to satisfy my chocolate macaron craving) by the way.

I’m looking forward to a little mid-week break from working soon and will definitely (& finally) be taking my real camera along for the trip!

P.S. I have DSLR fever again and am currently coveting the Canon 70D. Ahh..

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To get me by on this rainy, gloomy, unseasonably chilly Tuesday morning.

Happy June!

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