Finishing the Summer up Strong!


Hello there! I wanted to share some photos I took from my time off of work, which I spent in Long Island with JB and my parents. It was a lovely little breather and a great way to finish the summer up strongly as we head into Labor Day weekend! I love summery images and was glad to capture some from the 3 days of mini vacation time. A little photo diary from lunch in Montauk and a seafood festival below! :) 

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Don’t Wanna Grow Up…

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Happy Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted on a Sunday. Usually, I’m in a food coma or soakin’ up as much couch time/laziness before another full week is set to begin.

Today was a beautiful August day. Unfortunately, I didn’t really spend much of it outside until late afternoon when I decided to go for a nice walk in Lemon Creek Park. That hour of sunshine made up for it! I’ve never really walked around that park and today was the first time I truly explored it. So much loveliness! Didn’t feel like I was on SI. (Sometimes it’s easy to forget that SI is one of the five boroughs of New York City in general.)

After walking along the beach and through the trails, the completely empty playground tempted me to climb and slide for the first time in I don’t even know how long…it felt great! Haha

I think I am overall in denial of adulthood sometimes. Why am I turning halfway to thirty on my next birthday and why are all of my newsfeeds inundated with engagements and marriage and didn’t I just turn 21 the other day, rejoicing in my legal ability to enter any bar I could ever want to enter?

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see couples move forward in love and life and know in reality, it probably isn’t that far off for me either but STILL! Wish time would slow down for a bit most days.

Anyway, I like to think the spontaneous slide moment was a nice little rebellion of sorts to this impending adulthood we’ve  been forced to grow into forevermore. Oh, life..


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Summer Daze

Oh, summer. How I love you…

(Sorry for the photo blur, my outdated iPhone 4G is worsening by the day :/)

Anyway, I am usually itching for fall by this time of the summer …but right now, I would be fine with a whole ‘nother stretch of summer to begin when this one is supposed to end. Maybe it’s the polar vortex crap we were forced to deal with all winter or the fact that extreme/uncomfortable heat hasn’t been present as much as usual. I just am so not ready for the summer to end right now.

I’ve hardly taken any vacation days and I’ve been so busy and the time has flown (what else is new) so quickly that I fear pumpkin spice everything and crunchy leaves will arrive the next time I blink twice. But it’s not the fall I fear. I LOVE the fall, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t love what happens after the fall… especially if it’s anything similar to last year’s weather. (womp womp).

I’m trying to savor the last drops of summer and the beach as much as possible — my fingers are extra crossed that Mother Nature will be kind throughout the upcoming seasons….or at least give us a strong finish on the homestretch.

Summer 2014, you’ve been a good one. Thank you for your sunshine and happiness and all-encompassing warmth <3

Also – R.I.P. Robin Williams – you will be missed.

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Around SoHo

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