Style Cliff Notes: Autumn Layers


I’ve decided to start a new series on here to help amp inspiration around multiple aspects of life. As my interests evolve, it’ll be a good way to keep track and look back.

I shall call it, cliff notes! My first post of the series will fall under the style category, since I don’t think I’m ever more inspired by clothes and outfits and style than I am during the season of fall. Not sure what it is about this lovely season — but I find the fashion to be ON POINT. Plus, I really like (lightly) layering.

I’m not talking about winter polar vortex level of layers here though, let’s get that straight right now…

So. These 3 layered looks are 100% my kind of style. I’m on the hunt for a perfect camel leather jacket but am starting to think that by the time I actually find one I love, it will probably be summer. Womp womp

I’ve collected a few vested-sweater-fusion types and have a section of my closet dedicated to my blazers. These things tend to make me :). I’ll be keeping these three looks in mind over the coming weeks while temps are still playing nice and layers don’t have to triple!

Cheers to the last of October … ready to take on November. xo

sources: look 1 / look 2 / look 3

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Halloween, Emoji Style!


Oh hey. We’re just an emoji-lovin’ gal and guy spreading the emoji love all around us because we can.

;) I am proud to say I free-handed these bad boys from yellow oak tag, a 46 pack of Crayola crayons and some permanent markers. It was pretty much the simplest yet coolest costume I ever made for myself (& JB) and I’m very, VERY proud.

Sometimes the simple things = greatest results.

(Maybe I kinda don’t hate Halloween as much as I sometimes say I do.)

Stay spooky, my friends. Enjoy Halloween week!

P.S. See the past two yr’s homemade costumes here & here, in case you need some last minute inspiration :)

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Encouragement Series # 8


Each week or so, I post a new ‘mantra’ to help spark motivation within; things and words of encouragement and general inspiration for the journey of following your dreams. :)

See all entries here.

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If I Had my own Place…



I sometimes find myself daydreaming about what a future living space of mine would look like — or rather, what I would want it to look like if all the stars aligned and money wasn’t an object… ;)

These dreams are undoubtedly fueled by Pinterest because, where else? Ha

Over the course of however many years I’ve had Pinterest, I’ve collected some images and pinned them to a living spaces themed board to keep in mind and have as inspiration for when the day of living in my own space comes. For some reason, today I am inspired to share some of these daydreams here on dis ole blog thang.



OK, so not necessarily a fan of this entire kitchen space (those super modern white cabinets, for example aren’t my taste). But I absolutely love this chalkboard/’garden’/organization wall idea.

I’ve always liked the idea of using fresh ingredients where possible (when I actually start cooking in a kitchen of my own haha). Also, starting my own garden one day  is appealing to me. I think there is a clever and cute design element to this while also serving a practical use which is lovely.



Oh my lanta. A hallway that doubles as an alley of dreams….



I like nooks that serve as personal spaces. I also am a huge fan of natural light. This window nook combines a personal desk space with lots of natural light and I’m loving it a lot!



I really love delicate and pretty details that make something your very own. This thrifted vintage floral pin used to hold and spruce up curtains does just that. I like how it encompasses a soft but unique decor idea; something that is both personal and neutral all at once.

So there are my living space inspirations for today. Maybe I will share more over time since I keep adding to my board as I find new images I love!

Happy Hump Day :)

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