Avocado Salad.


Today, I had an avocado salad for lunch from a restaurant by work called Nish Nush.

It was delicious and it looked as appealing as it tasted – so I took a picture and posted here.

That is all. :)

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Daydream/Goal: Spend a Night at the Plaza Hotel



Did you ever fantasize that you’re among top-class, more-money-than-you-know-what-to-do-with-it, millionaire, “$800+ for one night at a hotel, no worries” crowd?

I mean, I guess who hasn’t wanted to be crazy rich at some point or other. What I’m saying is I would like to live in that fantasy if only for a day. (That’s really all I need – I’m perfectly happy with my life and financial situation and upbringing at the moment otherwise haha).

Where did this come from you ask?

Spending time in upper Manhattan can make you have these thoughts within 5 seconds of strolling the neatly lined brownstones, ornate apartment buildings and 5th avenue fashion retailers — especially on the ‘old money’ part of town that is known as the Upper East Side. (The ‘new money’ areas or Upper West Side doesn’t hurt these thoughts, either for the record.)

Did you know there’s something like, 57 billionaires residing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan? I learnt that this weekend and I was kind of floored.

I mean in all reality, it’s pretty well-known that to own and live in the ritziest parts of NYC you need money. LOTS and lots and lots and LOTSSSSS of money. But 57 BILLIONAIRES, woof.


The Plaza Hotel.

I know, I know. Tourist central, huge public attraction and maybe overrated to spend that much money for a stay when you already live within one of the five boroughs of New York City.

But… I daydream nonetheless.

I’ve decided that for some very special occasion in my life (or maybe my 30th birthday) I would love to indulge in a night at the Plaza Hotel. I don’t know if it will happen but I will daydream about it nonetheless.

Monday has to move along somehow…


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Spring is HERE! (& so are the Blossoms).


SPRING!! Hello & welcome. Please do stay, you were greatly missed.

Yesterday was one of those days…when it literally felt glorious to be alive. It was the first, real beautiful saturday of the year with temperatures in the mid-70s and bountiful sunshine ready and willing to renew your soul.

It was perfect. Being indoors on a day like yesterday is against the law in my book. You just couldn’t suppress the need to be out there — so my parents and I took a ride into the city for a beautiful day together in Central Park. Best part? THE BLOSSOMS ARE IN BLOOM. It always feels like such a beautiful miracle to see those babies budding after the harsh winters each year.

Naturally, I needed some pics. But I only did so on my iPhone – the real camera didn’t come out this time. Anyway — be prepared for lots of pictures of myself, because I couldn’t help but be obnoxious about capturing my spring-time happiness.


^ Selfies were plentiful.


^ That’s me and my lovely mother. She was also involved in some seflies ha.


That’s all. Sorry for the million narcissistic pictures – but it is my blog and stuff. ;)

I wish I captured a more diverse photo set but the blossoms really got me haha. I’m sure I will be takin’ the real camera for a spin soon now that the weather is so good.

Happy Spring!!!!!!

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You Know You’ve Got a Keeper When…


…he’s waiting for you at the train station after you’ve been commuting for way much more time than anyone should be commuting…

…with a cute, genuine smile. Always smiling.

…and a bouquet of pretty flowers just because it was a Wednesday…


I have a really good one. I think I’ll keep him forever.


Happy almost-Friday!!

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