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This is a photo from DC last year taken on a digital Polaroid camera during a walk back from the lovely Georgetown. It has no real relevance besides the fact that it was taken in winter and to quote GoT……Winter is coming.

I’ve been finding it hard to post much lately, mainly because I like to post my very own photos and I haven’t used my camera in a while. I need to shake off the coldness blues and get out there more to take some pics because it really makes me happy to practice and explore my interests.

Which is why I’ve decided to finally take some steps to delve into photography a bit more. I bought two photography books to pour over and booked a 6 hour crash course for myself this month in the city. It’s time to explore those daydreams and get out there and just TRY. I’ve finally reached that point – baby steps – and I’m kind of proud… :)

All those Encouragement Series posts are paying off. ;) But seriously, I’m hoping these little steps will be the start of an exciting new adventure that will open many doors of happiness in the future.

We shall see.


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Food Cliff Notes: Comforting Soups


soup 1 / soup 2 / soup 3

Well hello!

I’m reporting live from a blistery, winter-esque week here in New York. What a cold one it’s been! I don’t know about you, but there is only one kind of food that I don’t mind consuming on repeat once the temps start dropping and the layers start multiplying — and that, my friends, is soup.

Luckily, I think a good majority of the world can agree with this sentiment and as a result, there are a ton of deliciously comforting soup recipes out there.

I’ve cliff noted these three because I’d eat them through my computer screen right now, if I could. They look warm, tasty and like the perfect meals to sooth a blistery soul on wintery evenings such as these.

Would you agree? Give me all of the soups in all of their slurpy glory of warm comfort all day everyday please, and thank you.

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Encouragement Series #9


Each week or so, I post a new ‘mantra’ to help spark motivation within; things and words of encouragement and general inspiration for the journey of following your dreams. :)

See all entries here.

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Rainy Day Ramblings


With daylight savings in full swing and the rainy temperatures beginning to feel more cruel; darkness starts to creep up earlier each day and all I can seem to think about during November so far is that I am exhausted.

I caught my reflection in the mirror/did a double take more times than I care to admit this week. (Besides the frizzy flyaways from this ever-so-inconvenient-for-curly-hair weather, my eyes seem a bit….off.) Tired. Very tired.

Physically speaking, it’s a bit puzzling how I am so tired. I do a ton of sitting everyday — and it sometimes makes me pretty paranoid, to be honest.

Wake up, get ready for work, sit for an hour and 15 minute commute. Get to work, sit at a desk for 8+ hours. Leave work, sit for the commute back home. Get home, sit for dinner. Shower, realize you only have an hour or two max before bed time comes…so more sitting on the couch to relax.

“Why don’t you find time to exercise?” one may ask. Here is the sad answer:

My alarm goes off at 6:15AM every morning and I am out the door approx. one hour later to catch the train. I am not back in my house until 7:45 PM and as one may imagine, I am completely famished. Can’t work out on a extremely empty stomach and postpone dinner for yet another hour. When is it healthy to eat at 9:00 PM? I’d assume never. OK so, eat dinner at 7:45. Finish an hour later; time to shower. Finish showering by 9 and realize you’ll be in bed about an hour and a half later, because this girl needs sleep. At this point, there has been no point in my day where I was able to just veg out yet and fully relax – so the couch and some TV/a book seem like the only thing I can muster.

It’s a vicious cycle and can get a bit too robotic for my liking. The scary thing is, people call this adulthood. What a trap! (I’m venting here even though this is probably an annoying post to read, so sorry. But hey, it’s my personal blog so I feel OK with it)

It’s also become quite alarming that I often find myself living each day in lieu of the weekends – i.e. is it Friday yet? Weekends are the only time I feel I can truly do what I want, when I want. Kind of scary to completely discount five days of your weekly life to get to the other two with no work priorities.

OK, I’m done typing now. ;) Rambles, cease!

At least tomorrow IS Friday…


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