Encouragement Series # 8


Each week or so, I post a new ‘mantra’ to help spark motivation within; things and words of encouragement and general inspiration for the journey of following your dreams. :)

See all entries here.

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If I Had my own Place…



I sometimes find myself daydreaming about what a future living space of mine would look like — or rather, what I would want it to look like if all the stars aligned and money wasn’t an object… ;)

These dreams are undoubtedly fueled by Pinterest because, where else? Ha

Over the course of however many years I’ve had Pinterest, I’ve collected some images and pinned them to a living spaces themed board to keep in mind and have as inspiration for when the day of living in my own space comes. For some reason, today I am inspired to share some of these daydreams here on dis ole blog thang.



OK, so not necessarily a fan of this entire kitchen space (those super modern white cabinets, for example aren’t my taste). But I absolutely love this chalkboard/’garden’/organization wall idea.

I’ve always liked the idea of using fresh ingredients where possible (when I actually start cooking in a kitchen of my own haha). Also, starting my own garden one day  is appealing to me. I think there is a clever and cute design element to this while also serving a practical use which is lovely.



Oh my lanta. A hallway that doubles as an alley of dreams….



I like nooks that serve as personal spaces. I also am a huge fan of natural light. This window nook combines a personal desk space with lots of natural light and I’m loving it a lot!



I really love delicate and pretty details that make something your very own. This thrifted vintage floral pin used to hold and spruce up curtains does just that. I like how it encompasses a soft but unique decor idea; something that is both personal and neutral all at once.

So there are my living space inspirations for today. Maybe I will share more over time since I keep adding to my board as I find new images I love!

Happy Hump Day :)

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Something Cheery




For the record, today is not cheery. I needed something to fill that ‘cheery’ gap so here is a picture of sunflowers…

Let’s rewind. Besides the fact that it is Monday morning (yuck) and a good majority of the world is granted this Monday off for Columbus Day (I am not), things did not start out too well for this gal. On this mid-October day and at approximately 7:17AM, I was stung by a wasp for the first time in my life! And it happened in a completely unforeseen and ever so irritating way.

My finger is still pulsating as I type this…

I was leaving my house as per usual to drive to the train station and as I grabbed the door knob to shut the door (the inside door knob, by the way) I felt a strangely painful prick on the inside of my right ring finger which resulted in a “what the hellllll?” and greetings from a sneaky wasp dude who was just chilling on the inside door knob inside of my house. Inside.


The world may never know. Boohoo.

I almost missed the train because of all this hoopla and wanted to cry because I’m a big fat baby.

So.. happy Monday? Hope yours is better than mine!

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Read this with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in Hand

10661243_689424247819420_526678185_n copy

Well hello! It’s October now, isn’t it? A brand new month!…and a brand new season to boot.

Autumn. Who doesn’t love it? Although it’s the same old song and dance of “I LOVE FALL but not what comes after it”…it’s a waiting game of sorts but a season in which we learn to savor all the moments while they last. I think that’s part of its beauty.

So I figured I should kick myself a bit to share an autumn update before it comes and goes, as this beautiful season often does.

I can’t complain so far! The weather has been lovely for the most part and I’ve been keeping somewhat busy outside of work life (necessary.) and I had JB home from work up until this week so we were able to hang out with each other and friends.

Here are some photos from our little friends trip upstate NY last weekend and at Oktoberfest in Hunter Mountain. The foliage definitely had a head start up there and everything was looking fabulously autumn. So prettty. Aaaaand here we go!:

1660505_10152790832927904_6780749057723730571_n-copy10411133_10152790832362904_4666800695426402700_n copy1941232_309619572573327_888857128_n

As you can see here, my friend Rita’s grandpa owns basically a farm house and that’s where we stayed for the weekend. He raises chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats and horses! One of the highlights of my trip was meeting the goats and fetching freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop, which we cracked and scrambled for homemade breakfast sandwiches one morning!

10441932_10152700297716224_2148432590168328032_n copy

10671208_10152790831252904_571578878039321048_n copy

On the ski lift! So awesome to ride up to the top of the mountain and take in the scenery with a beer in hand and friends by your side :)

13985_10152790829927904_3744956258767185988_n copy10683856_297729860412581_1741596697_n

10419551_10152790830387904_5787790204576108364_n copy

Sorry if you don’t notice this until I am so graciously pointing it out – but I had a cold and my nose was super raw from all the tissues. I wasn’t about to photoshop that out bc…why? Ha, the rest of the pic is cool enough to hopefully forgive…

1941223_708762339206355_1836061626_n copy

Seriously, incredible! I recruited JB to take this next one from the ski lift the boys were on in front of us. It’s kind of far and pretty blurry but still awesome, in my opinion:

10489788_10152790832202904_1036610503172286476_n copy

And lastly, what’s Oktoberfest without the beer?

10348598_10152765187206103_3043642905096084760_n copy


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