Up, Up & Away…


Yesterday was a day I’ll keep tucked safely in my file of most lovely memories.

We went to a hot air balloon festival in New Jersey & it was as dreamy a scene as you can imagine. Colorful, whimsical, summery and sweet. And something I’ve never been to before, so it was a treat! I took some pictures because, duh. There were so many people gathered on the field where the balloons were being inflated and sent up — many who had amazing cameras and insane types of lenses. It was just generally an inspiring atmosphere and I was prompted to upload and share some of that ambiance!

Lots of photos coming ‘atchya.

I was really excited during the car ride there and felt the need to selfie:


Now that that’s taken care of…. balloons!:


The first balloon that went up was this rainbow one – it was sort of an inaugural flight soaring high into the clouds and over the entire crowd who was watching below in fascination. :) As you will see shortly, I felt compelled to snap its journey to infinity and beyond!

FullSizeRender (1)


Next, they started blowing up tons of other balloons and everyone (myself included) was super intrigued and excited to witness the process. Much to our delight, there were all sorts of shapes and characters and designs to watch take their form in the most vibrant of fashions.


(That whale was one of our personal faves by the way.)


And then the sun starting setting and the magic increased by 10 billion <3…


^ there’s our whale friend ready to roll!



The end.

Maybe I will also finally post about our Lake George adventures sometime this century ;)


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Whirlwind Summer

Image-1 (9)

Wow. Week one of July is caput. And yes, the first few weeks of summer have passed and I haven’t kept my word about posting more photos (I have lots from our mini getaway to Lake George I’d like to document here). So I’m starting small with the above gem – which is me caught in the act of selfie-ing on a boat in Lake George.

Sorry, blog. This is honestly all I can muster right now but I miss you, I really do. I just have no energy or time most days to keep this place extremely up-to-date. :/

Plus I’m in the thick of Gossip Girl on Netflix – you understand, right? I had watched the early seasons when they were live on TV, but never finished. And now I am finally getting through seasons 5 & 6 which are super addicting and taking up lots of my free time since it requires minimal effort on my part. I have been so consumed with the show these past few weeks that I actually had a very vivid dream last night in which Blair Waldorf died (and Chuck Bass was also there obviously crying). Is it a sign to chill on the GG epi’s or nah?

Anyway, hi!

I’m aallliiiiveee and well.

Summer is in full swing and I don’t want it to ever end. I can tell it’s going to be a whirlwind though; plans are set for almost every week and before we know it… well ok I’m not going there. It’s too depressing.

I need to start making plans for myself. More photography classes? Finally buying a DSLR and such; practicing and honing my craft. Finding new things to do and love and create. Getting that keratin hair treatment I always say I should get (but it can’t be detrimental to my health.. any suggestions?). Figuring out a larger trip to take this fall when JB has his first, real vacation time. Being a good friend and bridesmaid as wedding dates approach the ‘1 year’ mark. Getting some summer color but also protecting my aging skin. See what else the world has to offer, in whatever way possible.

You catch my drift?

Sigh. Be back hopefully soon to tell ya all about it.

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Mid-Week Inspo



Hello! Been a little quiet around these parts lately. I have some stuff I want to post here but haven’t found the time to do so yet. In the meantime, thought this quote was cool and inspiring and a nice little reminder. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Still Life: Up Close & Personal w/ Nature.


Just a couple of photos I took with my Lumix yesterday while strolling through Lemon Creek Park. I felt very “up close and personal” with nature out there and it’s generally a very peaceful place to be. <3

I tried capturing the essence of those peaceful details with my camera.

Peep me holding up a peace sign in my left lens of the Ray Bans in the last shot – I couldn’t resist. ;)

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