Things Money Can’t Buy…


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The Hair Switch Up


(image source)

Next Saturday, I have an appointment to cut and color (!!!) my hair. I’ve never touched the color on my head and this will be the first time I’ve ever had the desire to. I’m not doing anything drastic, color-wise but although subtle, I want something fresh and new, kind of like that picture I shared up there for inspo.

I am also chopping to potentially that length. (I’ve chopped to similar length once before about a year and a half ago). See below:


It always goes that when your hair is long, all the chopped lobs and cool shorter lengths are soooo attractive and then once you make the chop, long locks are back in mind. But alas, my hair needs a change and I’m going for it. My hair is really not where I want it to be anymore and feels thinner/generally needs a healthy switch up. Think this is the time for me to do it!

See below for more of my cut / color inspo. I’ll report back once the change has officially been made!


(image source)


(image source)


(image source)

and lastly, Princess Kate.


(image source)
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Hope your Weekend’s Sweet!


Happy, happy Friday!! Woohoooo.

I have no plans this weekend other than sleeping in tomorrow since the time change makes the mornings super dark and it’s going to rain  —  double sleep win!

What else? Maybe I’ll give into the hype of Orange is the New Black on Netflix since I haven’t used my account beyond binge watching Gilmore Girls and I’m paying for that shiz each month anyway.

Also, I found out I got a raise and a bonus yesterday at work so I am stoked about that. I am already thinking of ways to treat myself in the near future. ;)

Perhaps another new pretty bag or maybe a shiny new Canon DSLR.

I really would love a long vacation but currently have no one to go with (JB is on vacation probation since he started a new job, friends are all busy and saving money, etc.) so that’s a shame.

Wish I was one of those amazing people who can travel on their own and be all cool about it.

Random side note: one of my other best friends, Sam got engaged on Sunday and the whirlwind of emotions continue! We are growing up and it’s crazy.

Aaaand here we are. The weekend! That’s about as sweet as it gets. :)

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Has Spring Sprung?



I am afraid to make the statement confidently, so I’ve positioned it as a question: “Has Spring Sprung?” I hope it has. It feels like it might be springing out there lately, but then again you never know. March is a tricky little bugger.

Anyway, tulips. I’m ready to see millions of them in the next month or two, all over the city streets and in people’s front yards and at random grocery stores and bodegas and such. To kick off the possibility of spring officially being sprung, here are a few lovely tulip photos to get everyone PUMPED.









Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset


White tulips on 9th




Get excited people!!!! The tulips are coming.

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