Photo: the Upper East Side version of ‘Beach Umbrellas’


Took this random picture on my phone while sitting on the steps of the MET Museum last weekend because it reminded me of an alternative MDW universe of endless lined beach umbrellas. (The whole street was lined with food and drink stands.)

Just thought I’d share. :)

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In this Digital Age…Phones & Social Media & Such.


It’s become more and more of a burden (and annoyance) for me to want to check all forms of social media religiously lately. Yet somehow in this digital age, it’s impossible not to continue consuming all of this content on newsfeeds — and want to contribute your own piece of the pie frequently. I do have an extreme love/hate relationship for it all; in both the love and the hate I feel towards it.

Sometimes though, it just feels like way too much and that my head is going to explode from all the TMI and banal/sometimes unnecessary yet continuous information overload.

I get it. I mean, of course I do. I am a MILLENNIAL (insert angels singing and gold illuminating letter effects here). I get social media. I work in DIGITAL advertising for major brands – which is built on the backbone of social media. I Instagram on the reg. because I find it really addicting.


I hate the feeling of how quickly social media + our smartphones are becoming (if they aren’t already in some capacity) a form of security blankets — in more ways than one. Ultimately, taking over our lives…… for lack of better terms.

I know I am not the first to discuss such a thing and I sure as hell won’t be the last.

But it’s on my mind right now, so why not. (I offered brief insight into my thoughts on this topic here before).

Aside from the physical comfort of always having something to do (with your hands, when you’re bored, when there’s a lull in socialization or on the commute to and from work), there’s the emotional aspect of social media and the endless sharing of ones “lives,” moments, conversations. Naturally, that can take a toll and be a catalyst for posting or not posting, ‘liking’ or not ‘liking’… Commenting, sharing and so forth.

At times, it’s a giant question of “Why?”  Other times, it’s clear as day as to why this means of communicating, and sometimes silently consuming, has become such a norm.

All I know is I am at that point where it’s feeling like a burden not only to participate, but to consume. Give me the strength to step away from the all the digital “refresh” buttons and actually refresh my life and my habits in the present, non-digital world,  please and thank you.

So I just felt the need to rant a bit about this.

Ironically, on yet another platform of social media.

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12 Patterned Prints that are Inspiring Me


All of the above have been pinned onto my “Patterns & Prints” board and not all have clear sources of origin attached but I wanted to share because I am an admirer of illustrations, water color & pretty paterns. These are just a few that are really inspiring me lately!

Happy almost-MDW!


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Recently Enjoyed Things.


Just posting some iPhone pics of recently enjoyed things. Mainly, stuff I took the time to stop & snap lately either because it was fun, pretty and/or cool. The little things are what get me by… :)

First up: tulips. I think I made it clear I love seeing the tulips once spring is here to stay. This year didn’t disappoint!


Warm weather means spending days outdoors and being somewhat active. A couple of weekends ago, my friend and I spent hours on end walking through trails – our phones said 7.1 miles; nuts! We documented with self timer jump action shots…


Have to agree with everything this sign stand for:


Pretty, pretty cupcakes :)


Spring manis!!!! I live for pretty nails in the springtime.


Silly wedding selfies with the love of my life.


Pit-stops at random farm stands on the way home from said wedding, which was super far upstate and provided much interesting scenery and weird roadside photo opps like this:


Da end!

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