Healthy Snacks

I wouldn’t categorize myself as a health freak by any means. I don’t have the authority to preach on such topics. I do, however find that as I get older, eating healthy things seems to gain a larger appeal within my brain. Still living at home helps this cause; my mom is a fantastic cook and homemade dinners are the norm. We’ve been incorporating lots of veggies and things like quinoa into meals lately and I don’t hate it. I do love my pizza and chocolate chip cookies etc. but there a few health-conscious recipes I’ve found around the web lately that I think I’d like to give a try at some point:

1. The Big Vegan Bowl by Oh She Glows:


2. Apple Cookies by Rachel Shultz


3. Fruit Salad Ice Pops by Martha Stewart

e24064c120f863e2a604ca99c85caaa0Besides looking very yummy, the one thing these recipes seem to have in common is that they look relatively simple/quick to make…….Consider me sold.


P.S. more recipe roundups here.

*All photos taken from original recipe sources, linked above.
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Hope you had a Happy Easter!


Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday with a spirit of renewed faith and a tummy full of delicious food…… (and endless amounts of chocolate bunnies, too.)

A few iPhone pics:


I made this bunny fruit salad after browsin’ Pinterest. I must say, it came out pretty darn cute! BUT I have to share this amazing cake my little cousin made because it blows my bunny outta the water:


I mean, how amazing is that? My cousin is a freshman in high school and totally did that for fun – I’m callin’ the next cake boss ova here.

And lastly, what would Easter be without getting your pastel on? Lol…

afterlight That is all, folks.

Cheers :)

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Fresh Blossoms


I cannot get enough of the amazing weather. I feel like Spring (and Fall) temperatures are so short-lived around here; we often go from one extreme to the next with only a few short weeks of moderate temps in the larger scale of things and it makes me sad. These are the kind of days it feels absolutely grand to be alive. It makes me feel more motivated than ever to get out and explore, do something new, go for a walk, etc. The spring blossoms are making their way into the scene and I think everyone is grateful to finally see some life within the trees that line our streets! These remind me of popcorn, especially from far away. Popcorn happens to be one of my favorite snacks, so double win. :)

I walked to the nail salon and threw my camera in my bag on the way out…just in case. I was completely inspired to snap away on the walk. I took so many pics! It was hard to eliminate a bunch and not share all of them but I do have a hefty amount right here:


A huge bumblebee, yikes. I kept my distance and let the zoom lens do the work….

And thus starts my playing around with the floral + brick combo. I’m a big fan of rustic imagery and think the next few pictures kind of give off a little feeling of rustic-ness:


flora3nailsM Spring-colored mani :)


It’s like pickin’ cotton! Or popcorn…

Yay, nature

treeplayhopscotchblueflora9flora8flora7And lastly, I’ll end this with my camera’s reflection in a cup of coffee, as I was testing some settings this morning. Can ya see it? :)


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Encouragement Series // Just Try

I’m starting a new series on here centered around encouragement and inspiration / motivation to chase your dream. :) Each week or so, I’m going to try to post a new ‘mantra’ to help spark something within; things and words I want to keep in mind when I feel like I need the extra push. Hope you enjoy reading as well :) & Happy Friday!3e19b5022ec6c87b9a14e0f88741d4be

source: found on Pinterest, which ties back to this tumblr
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